Don't like heights? We do!! We are fully insured and are quite happy to climb trees and prune back overgrown branches. Trees are a big part of your garden and deserve to be looked after...

WGM Tree Pruning and Maintenance Services include:

Crown Reduction -                      This is the process of reducing the tree crown's overall size while maintaining the shape. The normal practice is to give a percentage of how much the tree size can be reduced, although we can help in any way that we can in determining its reduction. 
Crown Lift 

By removing the lower branches we can give the tree a defined clearance of the ground, building or roof-line to allowing cars, people or anything else to pass underneath, or to protect the roof of a building.

Crown Thinning - This term is used to describe the reduction to the density of the crown which will allow more light to pass through the crown and reduce the risk of wind damage, thus allowing air to move freely through it.

 Pollard -


We can remove all of the tree's branches which will leave just the bare frame of the tree. This is only suitable for a few species of tree, most commonly willow trees. This is a very good way to maintain the size of trees that can grow quickly, and will ensure that a natural shape is produced.

Epicormic Growth -

These growths are unsightly small shoots that spring up around the base of a trunk and sometimes around branches. We can remove to give a clean and tidy look to your tree. They are often produced when a tree needs more energy or are under stress e.g. if branches are removed.
Dead Wooding - The removal of major dead branches from a tree.
Felling - Completely removing the tree without the removal of a stump.
Stump Grinding - We can grind away the tree stump so that shrubs or turf can be planted in its place. This does not remove all of the roots, just the main stump.

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