Whether you need a path, patio or driveway laying, we can design, install and maintain it for you. Block paving is more attractive than tarmac or plain concrete and in general lasts longer...

Block paving has been THE growth area in the British and Irish Paving Industry over the last 30 years. Mass production techniques have reduced the prices of manufactured blocks to a reasonable level, and made this type of paving affordable to most projects.

Brick or Block paving can be used anywhere. They look great on drives and will provide many years of service.

They can be used to great effect as paths, or patios, or mixed with other paving types to create a unique feature. The design possibilities enabled by the use of these relatively small paving units are limited only by your imagination.

If you can "see it in your mind's eye", then we can probably construct it from block or brick paving.

Why not request an appointment so that we talk it through with you and give you a no obligation quote.

Image of paving